Our Products

E-learning sometimes simply referred as distance learning is an educational approach that combines
different types of multimedia technologies to ensure better education experiences for learners and
tutors online. Today, it is a popular approach among educators and learners.
Jocsoft Solutions Ltd has embarked not only on developing improved and effective eLearning systems,
but also providing more advanced and interactive e-learning environments, applications and content
that enable tutors to make both technical and non-technical courses more attractive and effective for
We have very good experience with eLearning solutions starting with our own product SomaSmart
( which has thousands of subscribers on it for paid and free courses and materials.
Jocsoft has equally designed, developed, implemented and supported Modular Object-Oriented
Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) platform in another of institutions of higher learning and
organizations in Kenya.

The school Master software (S-Master) is a web-based school management solution developed by
experts with in-depth knowledge of schools operations. S-Master can be deployed on any operating
system that has graphical user interface i.e. Windows, Linux and Solaris operating system. It uses current
relational databases at the backend. It is ideal software for any progressive educational institution that
is eager to track records of its students, staff members, fees collection and monitoring, payments,
instant sms communication and many more.

MedStar is an advanced Health Information & Management System, which can integrate all the HIS
systems, processes and machines to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency
and assists organizations in decision making through MIS & analytics.
Features of MedStar are highly competitive, scalable and un-compare with any conventional HIS
software’s in the market. It works seamlessly with all the mobile devices and artificial business
intelligence & analytics capabilities makes it unique, while process flows are completely NABH
Some of the key features of Medstar include:

  • User Management & Access Control
  • Front Desk
  • Out Patient Management
  • Centralized appointment system
  • Web based Patient Portal
  • Emergency/Causality Management
  • Doctors Module
  • EMR Module
  • Helpdesk & Ticketing
  • IPD Management
  • Laboratory Management System
  • Purchase Management
  • Pharmacy & Billing
  • Pharmacy Store
  • Blood Bank
  • Dialysis
  • Stores Module
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Assessment
  • Radiology & PACS
  • MRD Management
  • Insurance & TPA
  • Core HR
  • Inventory and fixed asset
  • User Management
  • Backup and restore Module
  • Waste Management
  • Among others.

Koha is a web-based integrated library system capable of managing a wide range of administrative
processes typically found in modern libraries: cataloguing, authority management, serials management,
circulation, acquisitions, reporting, etc.

Via its online catalogue (OPAC), it is possible to promote the library’s collections and simultaneously
provide a set of services to its readers without them having to physically commute to the library. Such
services include loan renewals, reservations, submitting acquisition suggestions, etc.
Koha is compatible with various international library standards, such as, MARC21, UNIMARC, MARCXML,
ISO 2709, Z39.50, SRU/SRW, SIP2, RSS, etc
KOHA supports the following technology which can be integrated with other security hardware for
detecting books and assets within the library.
 Barcode generation- permits developing RFID solution
 RFID technology (book, entry and exit security)
 EM Technology (book, entry and exit security)
 Barcode Technology (book, entry and exit security)
 Magnetic Strip
 Chip