Software Development


JOCSOFT is true to its transformational agenda and sensitive to the context and realities of both the ICT challenges and opportunities in the countries, communities, organizations that it will seek to impact with its services.  While recognizing that most ICT needs have universal application, the mode of delivery and packaging must be tailored and made applicable to each audience.  Accordingly, the specific services and products to be delivered by JOCSOFT will depend on the peculiarities of the markets it seeks to serve, and those services will likely evolve and take different shapes as dictated by feedback from both the participants and the facilitators.  JOCSOFT has initiated and is actively developing and deploying such systems specifically to address needs through its innovative dedicated team. Some of the products we have developed and readily available in the market include; JOCPOS ERP, SACCO Master, KOHA (Library Management System), Soma Smart (an online digital learning platform with rich content for Kenya Primary Schools learners), School Master (Academic Management system) among others.

We Provide Best Software Solutions

ERP Systems

Provide corporate governance, helping clients implementing Enterprise solutions to their organizations 

SACCO Management

We Provide best SACCO Management software, that can be integrated and customized as per the client requirements.

Library Management

We provide modern library management system for learning institutions.

E- Learning Solutions

Jocsoft solutions provides, best e learning systems for TVET, Collages, Universities and Corporate Organizations .

Project Management Systems

We provide best CRM and Project Management Software fully integrated to help you grow your business.

HR Management System

We provide best solution for human resource department in any organization, simplifying activities and increasing productivity